Engage With Us

A client engagement model is a critical success factor for any outsourced software development project. E-Visualizers provide a comprehensive range of services centered on software development and use, from requirements to implementation to maintenance. We offer clients various engagement models to choose – the services that meet their business requirements, relying on E-Visualizers to coordinate those services. E-Visualizers supports both project and dedicated-team engagement models.

Project Based Engagement

E-Visualizers takes on single turn-key deliveries or several project life-cycle phases, such as prototyping, design, development, and testing. We offer project outsourcing services on the basis of the following pricing models:

  • Fixed price (FP)
  • Time and material (T&M)
  • Time and material with a budgetary limit
  • Combination (e.g. prototyping – T&M, then FP development)

Dedicated Offshore Development Centre

This approach is appropriate for clients who have a need for IT resources on a continuous basis. E-Visualizers’ consultants would work as an extension of the client’s own IT department. The offshore team would work on varied tasks such as development, maintenance, enhancement and support as dictated by the client as the engagement proceeds. Offloading these non-core functions offshore enables the client to focus on the core areas of their business. The T&M billing model would be appropriate for this type of engagement.

White-Label Partnerships

This model is appropriate for Independent Consultants, Software Development Companies, System Integrators, or any other IT Channel Partners. E-Visualizers Consulting would assist the client in delivering high quality IT services cost-effectively. At the same time E-Visualizers would maintain the confidentiality of the relationship. The partnership would not be revealed to any third-party without the prior consent of the client. This would allow the client to pass on the services provided by E-Visualizers as their own.

Marketing Partnerships

We highly value our partnerships with marketing outfits. Our Marketing Partners provide us with customer leads and projects in return for a commission. The commission rates are pre-negotiated and are based upon the size of the project and the value of the engagement. We also operate a referral program where we offer excellent referral fees when a referral leads to a sale. Whether you are an Independent Consultant, a System Integrator, a Software Development Company, or any other IT Channel Partner – E-Visualizers is open to exploring all avenues in which we can work together.