Like any other engineering products, software products are also customer oriented. Products that are not customer (user) friendly have no place in the market even if they have been engineered using the best technology. The interface of the product is also as crucial as the technology used to develop the same.

At E-visualizers, the model used to execute any given project is defined by three parameters:

  • The type of Offshore Outsourcing model required
  • Client’s needs and requirements
  • Project specifications, design layout recommendations and content

In projects executed with the “pure offshore” outsourcing model, the iterative approach is applied , wherein the entire project is broken into a number of phases – each one concluding with a certain work product (namely plan, report, design, architecture, documents and prototypes) in a certain time period. These work products are then submitted to the client for review in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. The client’s suggestions are then incorporated before delivering the final product.