Quality Assurance

Quality is no longer a buzzword or an enabler, it is a critical prerequisite, more so in the context of software and IT. It is not enough to simply state that software quality is important – we believe that one has to explicitly define what is ones interpretation of software quality’.

The term Quality Assurance, when applied to software, describes the process of enforcing quality control standards and working to improve the processes that are used in producing the software and its components. E-visualizers implements the Software Quality Assurance process that addresses quality assurance needs at every phase of the Software Development cycle.

At E-visualizers, Software Quality Assurance Testing is an integral and critical phase of any Software Development project. Our developers and testers ensure that newly developed products or product enhancements meet pre-defined functional and performance requirements. To enable this, we have created a set of activities which helps in ensuring that every software product exhibits high quality and performance under peak loads.

We carefully integrate the requirements of Software Development / outsourcing with expert knowledge to develop end-to-end solutions for our customers. The emphasis is on delivering top-quality products which measure up to International standard

E-visualizers quality processes are dynamic and are continually reviewed and aligned with the ever-changing business and technology environment. A resilient Quality Process Model, to which the entire company is fully committed, enables skilled and quality conscious E-visualizers workforce to constantly work towards architecting value through technology for its customers.